Boonville fire destroys residences, businesses

Dec 7, 2019

On Thursday, December 5th, a fire broke out in downtown Boonville, destroying three buildings and closing Highway 128 for hours. Anderson Valley Fire Chief Andres Avila talks to KZYX about the fire and its aftermath.

Sarah Grimes is the Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator for the Noyo Center for Marine Science in Fort Bragg, and this week she presented her 2019 findings to a hometown group, many of whom had reported stranded animals or assisted in the response. As part of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, and in partnership with the California Academy of Sciences, the Noyo Center’s program covers the coast from Rockport to Gualala, coordinating emergency responses to sick, injured, entangled or dead seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, and whales.

  This week KZYX, in collaboration with The Mendocino Voice newspaper, received word that we have been awarded a grant from Report for America. Report for America is a national service program that places talented emerging journalists in local newsrooms to report on under-covered topics and communities.

District Superintendent of Mendocino City Community Services Mike Kelley oversees wells, 430 of them, in the one square mile area that is Mendocino Village. These wells are the source of domestic water for 430 households, 17 restaurants and and 160 retail stores. Rainwater fills the aquifer, and if it doesn’t rain, the wells could go dry. Two months into the "water year," rainfall stood at 89 percent of normal. But Kelley says that can turn around quickly.

BoS to Streamline Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance

Nov 18, 2019

November 18, 2019 — The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on November 12 to take steps intended to simplify the cannabis cultivation permitting process — and encourage more legacy growers to come into the fold.

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Pomo Perspective with Michael Hunter

Nov 19, 2019

Michael Hunter is the tribal chairman of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians and the Chairman of the United Pomo Nations Council that consists of 16 pomo tribes in Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties. On November 11, 2019, he hosted a special Veteran's Day edition of Pomo Perspective: A Native American Pomo Perspective. 

University of Notre Dame History professor, Darren Dochuk is the author of From Bible Belt to Sunbelt: Plainfolk religion, Grassroots Politics, and the Rise of Evangelical Conservatism, which has received numerous prizes and awards. He has also co-edited several other books in American history, including most recently, The Routledge History of the Twentieth-Century United States. His most recent book is ANOINTED WITH OIL: HOW CHRISTIANITY AND CRUDE MADE MODERN AMERICA, published by Basic Books.

Thom Hartmann is a progressive national and internationally syndicated talk show host. He’s a New York Times bestselling, 4-times Project Censored Award-winning author of 24 books in print in 17 languages on five continents.

His latest books are in his Hidden History Series: The Hidden History of Guns and the Second Amendment and The Hidden History of The Supreme Court and the Betrayal of America, both published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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Congressional negotiators have reached a tentative agreement on a package of bills to fund the government through the end of September 2020. Lawmakers have until the end of next week to approve spending legislation in order to avert a government shutdown. The White House has not publicly weighed in on the agreement.

The deal covers all 12 regular spending bills — which total $1.3 trillion. This figure was agreed to in a bipartisan budget package that was enacted by the president this summer.

The Senate passed a resolution Thursday formally recognizing the mass killings of more than a million Armenians in Turkey that took place a century ago.

The measure, approved without objection, is seen as a stinging rebuke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It also comes over numerous objections from the Trump administration, which has been working to defuse tensions with the Turkish leader in recent months.

Turkey has condemned the move and said it has put the relationship between the two nations at risk.

Major League Baseball announced changes to its drug use and testing policies on Thursday, removing marijuana from its "drugs of abuse" while announcing mandatory tests for cocaine and opioids. The policy will be effective starting in 2020 during spring training.

Players who test positive for prohibited substances, which include fentanyl and LSD, will be evaluated and prescribed a treatment plan. Those who don't obey the league's plan may be punished.

McDonald's should not be held responsible for the labor practices of its franchisees, the National Labor Relations Board ruled on Thursday.

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Sixteen-year-old activist Greta Thunberg has quickly risen to prominence with her clarion call for climate action and Time's naming her its 2019 Person of the Year this week.

Since her first school strike for action in August 2018, Thunberg has grown her protest into a global youth movement calling on the world leaders of today to take decisive action on climate change and prevent further global warming.

Since a pair of shooters opened fire Tuesday in Jersey City, N.J., the state's attorney general, Gurbir Grewal, had been reluctant to label the assault on a local kosher market specifically as an anti-Semitic act. As recent as Wednesday afternoon, even after identifying the shooters, Grewal said authorities were still not in a position to definitively assign a motive.

By Thursday, though, he was ready to say it.

New Zealand police will undertake an operation to retrieve bodies left behind following this week's volcanic eruption on White Island that killed at least eight people and injured dozens more.

Officials will attempt to recover the bodies of eight people missing and presumed dead. Eight specialists will travel to the island Friday morning local time, contingent on risk factors such as weather.

Rockets struck Baghdad's international airport compound Thursday, as the country tries to contain anti-government protests which have shaken the foundation of the Iraqi government. The attack appears to be the latest in what a senior U.S. military official described as a dangerously escalating campaign by Iran-backed militias.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos endured a withering barrage of questions on Thursday about her handling of a program meant to provide debt relief to federal student loan borrowers who say they were defrauded by for-profit colleges.

"Madame Secretary, your refusal to process claims is inflicting serious harm on students," Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., said in his opening statement. "These defrauded borrowers have been left with piles of debt, worthless degrees and none of the jobs that were promised."


This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. At Democratic presidential debates this year, candidates have clashed over health care and specifically over the idea of "Medicare for All."


BERNIE SANDERS: I - who wrote the damn bill, if I may say so - intend to eliminate all out-of-pocket expenses, all deductibles.

JOE BIDEN: And if you notice, nobody's yet said how much it's going to cost the taxpayer. I hear this - large savings...


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