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Become a KZYX Underwriter - Be Recognized as a Supporter of Your Community!

Six Answers About Underwriting On KZYX

1. Isn't it expensive? No! Underwriting spots for non-profits are only $15.00 per spot and for-profits rate is $20 per spot. That means if we air your spot three (3) times per week for a month, your business at the most has spent $240.

2. What is a "Trade" agreement? KZYX is allowed to 'trade" air time for goods and services (e.g. wine, rentals, hotel rooms, event halls, etc.) The per-spot trade rate is $25 so for example if your trade value is $200, you will receive eight (8) on-air spots for your trade.

3. Do I have to produce my spot? Most underwriting announcements heard on KZYX are read live by the programmer; some announcements are prerecorded by members of the KZYX staff or programmers. Who reads the spot is determined by our program schedule.

4. What can I say? Announcements can contain general or specific information about your business or organization. Announcements cannot include calls to action, specific pricing (including the word “free”), discounts, inducements, or qualitative comparisons to other businesses or other organizations.

5. Do I have to come up with the wording? You can provide us with a general idea (50-100 words) of what you wish to say. We will create a spot that conveys the message without using problematic language (see #4 above) and yes, we can revise that message should you need more timely information included, usually within 72 hours.

Email us at uw@kzyx.org or call us at (707) 895-2324 ext. 106 and leave a message.

Our listeners really listen. Be Heard!