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Promise of Paradise Episde 44: Michael Riddell

Oct 4, 2019
Michael Riddell

October 3, 2019 — Michael Riddell moved onto Greenfield Ranch with his two young daughters on Solstice of 1976.He was in the military in the early sixties, then became active in the radical student anti-war movement. He’s comfortable with the types of seemlingly contradictory things  that characterize the back to the land epoch, like hiring a water dowser to locate a good place to build a pond, then building that pond according to specs from an Army Corps of Engineers manual.

DJ Christina, born and raised in the bay area. Her love of music began at an early age, dancing ballet, tap, jazz and singing in theater musicals. In her high school days she spent time learning and interning at radio stations and attending countless concerts, for work of course!

Then she decided to investigate the acetic life of a yoga teacher in San Francisco for a number of years, before putting up her hands and yelling "this city is crazy!”, and moving to Mendocino County in 2012.

Promise of Paradise Episode 43: Captain Rainbow

Oct 2, 2019



 Captain Rainbow has lived in Anderson Valley for more than forty years. He was part of the earliest wave of hippies to move here in the Late 60s. These days he is best known as the master of ceremonies of the Anderson Valley variety show, an annual celebration of local community. He lives near Boonville in a house he built out of lumber from his land.

photo by Rich Culbertson

Michael Hunter is the Tribal Chairman of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians and the Tribal Chairman of the United Pomo Nations Council that consists of 16 Pomo tribes in Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties. He joined Alicia Bales live in the KZYX studio in Philo on September 25, 2019 as part of her ongoing interview series with local elected leaders.

Supervisor Carre Brown  represents the First District of Mendocino County, an inland district east of Ukiah that includes Talmage, Redwood Valley and Potter Valley.  According to her bio, Supervisor Brown is a lifelong resident of Mendocino County who has resided on her family’s Potter Valley ranch for the last 41 years. She served as the executive administrator of the Mendocino County Farm Bureau for 23 years.

Promise of Paradise Episode 42: Lori Rosenberg

Sep 20, 2019
Contributed by Lori Rosenberg

This is Kate Magruder with Promise of Paradise, 

back to the land oral histories of Mendocino County.

Today we’ll be hearing from Lori Rosenberg of Ukiah.

Born in Baltimore in 1955, Lori spent most of her

childhood in Manhattan feeling like she never belonged.

She came to California when she was 19 

and quickly made her way quickly to Greenfield Ranch 

where she discovered her deep affinity for growing things


Kathy Rippey, host of Get On Up! every other Friday from 8:00-10:00 PM!

Promise of Paradise: Dream it Forward

Sep 18, 2019

Promise of Paradise, back to the land oral histories of Mendocino County, is wrapping up its weekly radio series on KZYX with two free public forums on the coast and inland, October 1 & 2.  Described as good old-fashioned “Happenings” with a modern twist, Promise of Paradise:  Dream it Forward, will offer the opportunity to reflect on the themes and values that resonated through the 55 interviews that will have been aired by the end of the project, and to imagine where we’re headed now.

The 43rd annaual Sheepdog Trials at the Boonville Fair and Apple show can be heard by Clicking here.

The live broadcast of the Sheepdog Trials from the Mendocino County Fair & Apple Show with commentary from W. Dan and Kevin Owens was a huge success. Check back here for a link to a youtube video of the event

Promise of Paradise Episode 41: Nori Dolan

Sep 12, 2019
Nori Dolan

September 12, 2019 — Nori Dolan came to Willits in 1974, already knowing how to drive a five-ton truck and ready to move back to the land. 

She lived in a crowded two-room cabin on a rugged dirt road, then made her home in Redwood Valley, Covelo, and Redwood Valley again. When we talked last December, she was settling into a new home on Ridgewood Ranch, after surviving the fires of 2017.

DJ Larry Hacken, also known by the moniker of his beloved KZYZ radio program “Heavyweight Sound,” has built a reputation as an accomplished reggae deejay and radio host over the past 20-plus years. He has over three decades of experience collecting Jamaican music and has a reputation for his knowledge of reggae rarities and obscure artists.

Steve Baird

September 5, 2019 — In this episode, we’ll hear from two very different back-to-the-landers: Steve Baird, who came to Redwood Valley from Berkeley in 1972, and Tara Sufiana, who moved onto a property on Orr Springs Road near Greenfield in 1971. 

Henry Giroux - The Terror of the Unforeseen

Sep 5, 2019

To hear this interview with Professor Henry Giroux, click on this link:

Tune into KZYX&Z’s Be More Now program at 7pm on Thursday, September 5 when host Blake More will continue her “couples who create” theme and interview Melissa Newhall and Allegro D’Albert, Mendocino County locals and the co-creators of the upcoming Redwood Coast Reconnect, a new three-day body/mind/spirit retreat & festival at Oz Farm in the coastal foothills near Manchester.

Promise of Paradise Episode 39: Will Siegel

Aug 30, 2019
Photo credit: Jana Rose Chase

  This is Kate Magruder with Promise of Paradise

back to the land oral histories of Mendocino County.

Today we’ll be hearing from Will Siegel.

Will moved to a piece of property overlooking Lake Pillsbury in the mid-70s.

He was a musician when he came and he’s been a musician ever since.

Unabashedly unprepared to be a back to the lander when he came,

his hapless tools included a dull handsaw and crooked carpenter’s square.

But he and his partner,