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Tune into KZYX&Z’s Be More Now program at 7pm on Thursday, Feb 18 when host Blake More devotes the show to poetry, and poets, sharing a couple of interviews with valley poets Bill Churchill and Michelle Peneloza.  You will hear a mix of poetry, process and lots of discovery as these two fine Mendocino County poets discuss what makes them write! 

Promise of Paradise Episode 19: Donna Montag

Jan 23, 2021

Donna Montag grew up in a wealthy Catholic family in upstate New York.  After college she worked as a portfolios analyst on Wall Street, but was disappointed with the dishonesty she experienced in that job. Searching for honesty and community, she hitchhiked west to a commune in Oregon and never looked back. She arrived in Elk when she was twenty-six, met her husband and began living off the land. When she gave birth to her daughter the idea of natural childbirth was gaining popularity, and some doctors were advocating for a natural approach to birth in hospitals.

Author Valerie Miner on Be More Now

Jan 19, 2021

  This interview features award-winning author and university professor Valerie Miner. A longtime visitor and now resident of Mendocino County, Valerie will be reading from and discussing her fifteenth book, Bread and Salt: Stories. 

January 12, 2021--Congressman Jared Huffman held a virtual town hall to respond to questions and provide a report on the Wednesday, January 6 assault on the Capitol and Congress during the certification of the electoral college results. Topics included the 25th Amendment, articles of impeachment, Capitol Police readiness, holding rioters and those who incited violence accountable, as well as ways to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. The town hall was broadcast on youtube and facebook live. Listen to audio of the event here:




By Missvain - Own work, CC BY 4.0,



Dec 26, 2020


"50 Years in Music: Paul McCandless and Oregon Special on North Bay Beat"

10/20/20: The fourth installment of Talking About California features Professor Alvaro Huerta, Associate Professor of Urban & Regional Planning (URP) and Ethnic & Women's Studies (EWS) at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. Huerta talks about growing up in an East LA barrio, and connects immigration, poverty, racism, and police brutality in order to explain the relevance of the BLM movement to the Latinx community.

10/6/20: Loreto Rojas and Cal Winslow host the third installment of a four-part series in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, featuring Maria Rendon, Professor of Sociology at UC Irvine. Professor Rendon is the author of "Stagnant Dreamers: How the Inner City Shapes the integration of Second Generation Latinos." She discusses the implication of the Black Lives Matter movement on Latino youth.

Linda Pack reads  The Yellow Wallpaper

9/29/20: Part 2 features a conversation with Professor Alex Vitale of Brooklyn College, author of “The End of Policing” and one of the leading voices for police reform.

9/22/20: Part 1, a conversation with UCLA Professor Chris Zepeda-Millan, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Chicano and Central American Studies.