Annie Esposito


Annie is now one of the hosts of Corporations and Democracy with her partner Steve Scalmanini. Annie was KZYX's News Director for many years and still does her part to inflict the comfortable and comfort the inflicted. Corporations and Democracy airs every other Wednesday at 3pm.

  Listen here to KZYX’s highly anticipated review of the California State Ballot Initiatives for the November 3rd election, with hosts Annie Esposito and Karen Ottoboni. Annie and Karen take a look at each of the Initiatives, exploring the important issues and endorsements, where the money is coming from, and how to see through the confusion of slick mailers and campaign spin. Have your sample ballot ready!

Also available as a podcast here:

Thursday March 12  Corporations and Democracy 3pm

Pollution caused by the military is a public health crisis. Join Steve and Annie on Corporations and Democracy this week, with guests Liz Rosenbaum of the Sierra Club’s Clean Water Team, Patricia Hynes, Professor of Environmental Health, and Nancy Price with the Alliance for Democracy and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. That’s this Thursday March 12 at 3 pm on KZYX.