Mental Health

July 10, 2019 — Sheriff Tom Allman said he was satisfied with the direction the Board of Supervisors took yesterday on the latest recommendation by the Measure B Citizens' Oversight Committee. That committee is tasked with making recommendations to the board about how to spend special county tax money that’s been earmarked for mental health. The board recently approved a recommendation to hire an administrative project manager who would oversee the development of three kinds of treatment facilities. But the law also allows the money to be used for a regional training facility.

Filmmaker and Activist David Martinez speaks with Alex Vitale, author of The End Of Policing. They discuss the history of policing, strategies of modern policing including policing the mentally ill, homeless, political activists, and why police treat right wing demonstrators different from left wing demonstrators. They also discuss solutions and alternatives to policing. The audio is below.

Jeffrey Parker

Just days before the 7 November election, KZYX Politics: A Love Story host Bob Bushansky on Friday 3 November interviewed Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman about Measure B, the local initiative to fund a mental health facility in Mendocino County. Sheriff Allman spoke in favor of Measure B. KZYX invited Measure B opponents to join the show, but none accepted. 


In 2016, Sheriff Allman promoted a similar measure, but it failed at the ballot box, losing by 165 votes.