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Health issues with Dr. Marvin Trotter

Dr. Marvin trotter sat Down with E.R. Dr. Colfax (whose brother is the Head of Public Health for San Francisco) And they were joined by Physians Assitant Lynn Meadows (whose brother is in charge of 9 Hospitals in the Seattle area.)

They talked about what we know. What we don't know and the best practices to keep you safe.

HIV treatment and prevention was the topic on Tuesday 17 April 2017 on the KZYX program Mind, Body, Health, with Anne McAfee, director of the Ryan White Program for Mendocino and Lake County, and Dr. Jerry Douglas of Mendocino Health Clinic. With proper diagnosis and treatment, patients can reduce HIV to an undetectable level. Click this link for the full broadcast!


Lia Holbrook, Coast Services Director for Project Sanctuary, explains the resources available for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Mendocino County. Including a Crisis support line (707-964-HELP), shelter service, and a prevention-education program, Project Sanctuary can be found at www.projectsanctuary.com.

Dr. Austin Tidwell, Hospitalist at UVMC, with an additional degree in Economics, gives a provider's perspective to the economics of healthcare.

This is an interview with Theresa Gowan, Medstar Ambulance Operations Manager and EMT-Paramedic, from January 2nd, 2018.  One of many unsung heroes in Mendocino County, she tells us the story of Medstar Ambulance, previously known as Ukiah Ambulance, and provides a clear insight into what happens when we dial 911.

This is an interview with Anderson Valley Fire Chief Andres Avila and Medstar Ambulance Operations Manager Theresa Gowan concerning the development of an 'Exclusive Operating Area' (EOA) for emergency medical services (EMS) for inland Mendocino County.

Jeffrey Parker

Dr Marvin Trotter, host of the biweekly KZYX healthcare program Mind Body Health, on Tuesday 7 November 2017 interviewed Dr Paul S. Otto, PhD, a retired clinical psychologist, about the post-traumatic stress disorder that many survivors of the recent wildfires are experiencing here in Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma and Napa counties.

The crisis of opioid addiction is making headlines across America, but how is it affecting Mendocino County? And what services are available for people dealing with addiction either as opioid users themselves or their family, friends and colleagues?