Weekend storm helped but didn't end the drought or fire season

Oct 29, 2021

The town of Mendocino is mostly dry on Tuesday after getting soaked with rain over the weekend. The town has received over 8 inches of rain since the start of the month, which hasn't been enough to end the town's drought emergency, but was enough for at least one dry well to start showing signs of recovery.
Credit Sonia Waraich

The storm over the past weekend delivered between 4 and 13 inches of rain across Mendocino County. That was enough to help improve the drought and fire conditions in the short term, but the long term is a different story. 

Ryan Rhoades, superintendent of the Mendocino City Community Services District, speaks to us about how the storm impacted the drought situation in the town of Mendocino, where roughly three dozen wells had gone dry over the summer and fall. Then Cal Fire's Isaac Sanchez talks about how the storm impacted fire season.