Supervisors Discuss Two New Taxes for Voters' Approval

Sep 7, 2019

September 3, 2019 — Voters in Mendocino County are likely to see a couple of proposals to raise taxes for fire and ambulance services on their next ballot. Last week, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to develop two tax ordinances for emergency services: a sales tax for countywide ambulances, and a transient occupancy tax on private campgrounds, with an advisory measure to use the funds for rural fire districts. The county is nearing its maximum allowable sales tax cap, though Measure B, the mental health treatment act, will decrease from a half cent to an eighth cent in the year 2023, freeing up some funds.

Last year, Measure G was defeated when voters declined to amend the county code to levy a 10% transient occupancy tax on short term visits to private campgrounds and RV parks. That tax was not earmarked for a specific purpose, but supervisors hope voters will be more sympathetic if they know the money will go toward something they care about.