Radiogram... 9/26/18 playlist with links to audio sources

Sep 27, 2018



Ryokan / Moonrise             9:41


Joya Timpanelli on Story Traveler… from PRX—93475

David Durett clip 


Baxter Black on Baxter Black's NPR CD's

Up North

Lila Nelson on Still Got the Farm


Stuff 2018                     33:55

Mountains Of Things

The Duhks on Migrations

'When In Rome...'

A Place For My Stuff

George Carlin on A Place For My Stuff

The Ballad of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest

Bob Dylan on John John Wesley Harding


Todd Walton on Buddha in a Teacup

Tea intro

on Buddha in a Teacup

Tibetan Chant 1

Monks from Gaden Shartse Monastery, S. India

on Sacred Healing Chants of Tibet

Think About Your Troubles

Holly Near on Edge


Todd Walton on Buddha in a Teacup

Can You Get To That?

Mavis Staples on One True Vine


Devil In the Details                37:45

Talkin' Devil Blues

Blind Boy Grunt {AKA Bob Dylan}

on Broadside

John Wayne Is Right (clip)

George Hrab on Geologic Podcast #254—the-geologic-podcast-episode-254

License To Kill

Bob Dylan on Infidels

Utah on W.Rogers.........Sausage & Law

The Room Where It Happens

from Hamilton

Alternative Facts

Jeff Hoyt on Hoytus Interruptus

Hoytus Interruptus – Alternative Facts | Voice Of Vashon



            San Francisco Mime Troupe… from Eating It



Michael Moore on Democracy Now 9/21/18—michael_moore_are_we_going_to

Next Bold Move

Ani  DiFramco on Canon

Moyers....... "democracy is hard woork"

from What To Do? mix

All Blues

Miles Davis

"end on a blue note"…….. Cornell West

See Here 

Judy Mayhan on See Here


Hate The Loser                                      19:03

John Kern’s play on Playing On Air… from PRX