Programmer Profiles: Christina Giannelli, host of Mendo Blendo

Oct 2, 2019

DJ Christina, born and raised in the bay area. Her love of music began at an early age, dancing ballet, tap, jazz and singing in theater musicals. In her high school days she spent time learning and interning at radio stations and attending countless concerts, for work of course!

Then she decided to investigate the acetic life of a yoga teacher in San Francisco for a number of years, before putting up her hands and yelling "this city is crazy!”, and moving to Mendocino County in 2012.

This is where amongst the trees she felt inspired to rekindle her love of radio, given the friendly local public radio station it would call to her in the night...especially if she tuned in.

So here she is with you here in the woods, on the crest of the coast, making this place we love her home amongst the fabulous people and the offerings of Mendocino County. And happily bringing her lifetime of training to life, by entertaining you tonight!