Episode 13: Nancy Peregrine

Feb 7, 2019

February 7, 2019 — Nancy Peregrine, an herbalist and healthcare practitioner carved out a spot of wilderness for her homestead in Whale Gulch - located in the furthest northwest corner of Mendocino County.

The epitome of a can-do woman, here’s just a smattering of how Nancy’s back to the land story unfolded: She taught herself carpentry, built her home by hand  - without power tools, drove 26 miles on a dirt road to regularly fish the Noyo Harbor, used carrier pigeons to communicate and was a dedicated environmental activist - landing in jail as a member of the Sinkyone Six in order to save Sally Bell Grove.

Before that, at age 18, she hitchhiked around the world and at 19, rode a horse down the west coast of Mexico, alone and pregnant - before making her way to Mendocino County in 1967.