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Hopkins fire clean-up, redistricting, move ahead

November 1, 2021 — The cleanup from the Hopkins Fire has a clear path forward now. The State has issued a proclamation declaring the event an emergency, which means the county can probably be reimbursed 75% of what it spends on remediating the damage, including what it’s spent so far. And the Department of Toxic Substances Control is scheduled to begin cleaning up hazardous waste in the burn zone tomorrow.

The Redistricting Advisory Commission presented the eighth and ninth drafts of its proposed map to the Board of Supervisors last week, explaining that number nine would adjust the boundaries so that Hopland, which is now in the fifth district, would join Potter Valley and Redwood Valley in the first district. None of the maps has been finalized yet.

The deadline for cannabis cultivation applicants to submit documents to the online portal has been extended to 11:59 on Tuesday night, due to power outages during last week’s storm. That deadline means that applications submitted by Tuesday will be eligible for consideration, not just those that had been reviewed by that time.

And the misinformation campaign regarding vaccination and masking is in full swing. Numerous members of the public called in to the Board of Supervisors last week to share falsehoods

about natural immunity and claim, erroneously, that wearing masks causes health problems. Callers made analogies involving Satanic rituals and the Nuremberg Trials, and used creative terminology like ‘natural killer cells’ to support their arguments about the vaccines’ efficacy.

Travis Killmore, field coordinator for the county’s Prevention, Recovery, Resiliency and Mitigation or PERRM team, reported that just a few days before the atmospheric river threatened to sluice debris from the Hopkins burn scar into the Russian River, several organizations including the California Conservation Corps stepped in to provide emergency assistance….

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