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Covelo’s Hometown Sheriff Vows to Bring Khadijah Home


On February 12, KZYX brought you the story of community event in Covelo that was the painful and important reminder that Khadijah Britton is still missing two years after she was abducted at gunpoint. 


Khadijah’s “Missing” posters are posted throughout the county; the beautiful 23-year-old Native Covelo woman, the all-star basketball player, who averaged 18 points a game when she played varsity ball. 


But still no word on who has Khadijah and what happened to her the night of feb 7, 2018.


Khadijah’s grandfather Ronnie Hostler organized the event in Covelo Saturday. 


It was part community healing and part a gut-wrenching plea for anyone with information on what happened to his granddaughter to step forward. 


The Mendocino County Sheriff’s department has set up an anonymous tip line through We Tip at 1-800-732-7463.


One of the many speakers at the day-long event was the County’s new Sheriff Matt Kendall. 

It was one of Kendall’s first county public events since he took the helm from retiring Sheriff Tom Allman. 


Kendall, 50, grew up in Covelo and went to work at the Sheriff’s office in 1990, just a few years after he graduated from Round Valley High School. 


For the close-knit community of Covelo, he’s the hometown Sheriff. And now all eyes are on him to crack the case. 


A case, that’s two-years-old, where witness have perviously clammed up out of fear, where the truth is leaking out in phases - only after the first and second interviews were filled with false information. 


Undeterred, Sheriff Kendall says he’s going to solve the case “come hell or high water.” 


He told the crowd at the Feb 8 event he’s put an additional investigator on the case and the department is currently working with the feds. 


We interviewed him after he addressed his Covelo Community Saturday at the event for Khadijah, where we talked about why, for him the Khadijah Britton’s case hits so close to home. 



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