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Remembering former KZYX Programmer Mick Chalfin

Mick (Mickey) Chalfin, former host of Toast & Jam on KZYX, died peacefully at his home on 3/28/2022.
All who knew him are saddened by the loss. He was gentle and kind, witty and warm, open-hearted and generous.
I wish I'd known him better, and envy those who did, but am glad to have had his friendship.
He brought joy with him and shared it with everyone he met. He will be missed by many and remembered fondly.
Tim Bray, host of Oak&Thorn

We were sad to hear this week of the passing of longtime programmer Mickey Chalfin this week. I first met Mickey when we pitched for a pledge drive together during his weekly Americana show "Toast and Jam". Mary scooted me onto the chair opposite this wonderfully edgy guy as she warned me "don't let him play too much Dylan. He loves Dylan." Well, Mickey actually was eventually put on probation for playing "too much Dylan", well, and other things which I'm sure other programmers can elaborate on. Suffice it to say, Mickey loved music, the KZYX community, and his very loyal listeners. Here's to you, and hope you're playing Dylan 24/7 in heaven now.
- Katharine Cole, Sonic Blender/Retro Ranch