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Podcasts and Underwriting

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Local businesses underwriting KZYX Podcasts

This year, the KZYX staff have put an emphasis on creating more ways for listeners to access KZYX programming online. One new avenue is podcasts. Available wherever you find your podcasts, KZYX posts three types: (i) Local News; (ii) Public Affairs and (iii) The Weekly Coronavirus Update. Sometimes there are up to fifteen posted per week!

If you have ever listened to a podcast online, you know they often begin with a short introduction, followed by the presenter saying something along the lines of “This podcast is sponsored by…” followed by a description of a business or service.

The real advantage to underwriting podcasts is that as long as the podcast is online, anyone who downloads it in the future will hear that same sponsorship along with it. The copy will be “eternal”. And secondly, we can talk up the sponsoring business a bit since, unlike our on-air rules, there are no rigid time constraints as far as the length of copy.

A podcast’s effectiveness is measured in “impressions” which reflects a full length underwriting spot which has been downloaded along with the podcast. KZYX’s podcast download numbers are growing exponentially, so we know impressions will grow along with those downloads. More and more people are listening to what is happening here at KZYX online, and many of them are doing this by downloading our podcasts.

I hope you will upload a few of our KZYX podcasts to hear how we are expanding into the new frontier of online broadcasting and I look forward to helping our local businesses and non-profits gain a foothold in this new world of impressions in 2022!

Search for “KZYX” wherever you get your podcasts.

Katharine Cole has been involved with KZYX for many years, as an on-air personality (Pride Radio/Sonic Blender) and Mendocino County Public Broadcasting Board member. She has been a professional musician for over 35 years, a signed artist to MCA in the 90's to being inducted into the Traditional Music Hall of Fame in 2007, to receiving a Grammy nomination for her album "Brittleseason" in 2014. She has a degree in Music from UCLA, but cut her teeth in the San Francisco punk scene of the 80's and became a top club draw in Americana circles there by 1994. She currently performs live as Kitty Rose in her all-original rockabilly band and as a country duo here in NorCal. Her other life is a love of organizing, office administration, and motorcycles.