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Board Meeting Minutes 1-9-19

Draft minutes

MCPB—Board of Directors' meeting

564 South Dora Street, Ukiah, CA 95482

January 9, 2019

Members attending: Azzaro, Dow, Hulse-Stephens, Karp, Middlebrook, Polkinghorne, Tishler, Vinyard

Member absent: Bushansky

Members of the public: Campbell (former Board member, GM, and current historical resource), Keller (former Board member)

A) Call to order @ 5:17 p.m., by President Azzaro

B) Agenda approved

C) Approval of minutes of 12 December meeting. Board member requests 12 pt. type. Secretary

 requests Board members acknowledge receipt of minutes when transmitted. Minutes approved.

D) Interim General Manager's Report (oral): 1. KZYX is moving forward on annual audit. Should be

 ready “in a couple of weeks”; 2. The [Community] Foundation grants are in. Should have a good 

 idea of results in March; 3. Staff is gearing up for February fund drive. Goal is $65k. “Staying 


E) Committee Reports 

   1. Finance—[“Pre-note: (Dow) we'll discuss banking & internal controls in closed session.] Tischler

       reports that, as of now we have have $52k available for day-to-day costs; payroll is $15k, 

       remaining $37k will get us to February fund drive.--Annual NPR satellite cost paid ($10.5k).--

       CalFire rent discussion will show as debt, until matter resolved.--KZYX expects another $30k 

       from CPB grant.--Tischler asks, how do we know we can continue, with the financial reports 

       we're given?

   2.Membership/fundraising: Dow reports there will be a meeting tomorrow [01/10].--Azzaro hopes

       for “stimulating premiums” and a theme for the 30thAnniversary fund-raising & celebration.-- 

      KZYX pays $500/mo for Allegiance software. Tischler remarks “There's something wrong. Would  

      cost $2k/yr. to switch to QuickBooks.”         

   3.Planning: Hulse-Stephens reports that last meeting was in early December.--Azzaro asks whether

       Planning can pursue the buy or buy/lease building [in Ukiah?] possibilities.--Campbell notes, in 

       relation to 30thanniversary celebration, April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, and that he'll call 

       PCCY to find out what programs are scheduled, “so we can tie into that and be a presence.”

   4.Programming/Publicity: Azzaro compliments Karp on his pressers & PR work and mentions to

      that he (Azzaro) wants to keep alive the idea of a celebration honoring programmers as part of  

      30thAnniversary celebration.--Additionally, Azzaro reports that Kate Magruder would like to 

      some money from the success of the Promise of Paradise work she's been doing. Karp leads  

      discussion of syndication vs. documentary: weekly presence (syndication) vs. one-off 


   5.External Communications:Secretary reports he's responded informally (as situation suggested)

      to one letter of comment/nigh complaint.

   6.Bylaws and PoliciesPolkinghorne reports that the committee has met twice and is proceeding

      at a good clip on the bylaws. So far, mostly a clean-up operation to drop inapplicable 

      requirements/rules. There will be some matters for Board discussion. 

  7. Audit Committee:Hulse-Stephens reports that there's no time frame for final CPB audit; also

      that the 990s may be overdue. 

  8. CAB: Middlebrook reports that he plans to call an organizational meeting on the 16thNOTE:

      after the meeting Tischler suggests & Board approves postponing that meeting until after the 23   

      January Board meeting, in hopes of greater turnout of volunteers. Location will probably be at  

      the Ukiah Library, date and time tbd..

  9. Personnel/Search: Azzaro/Polkinghorne assign Middlebrook to contact Meg Courtney (Board

      President during  most recent search & hiring) for “good questions” to supplement those being 

     developed by the committee. Board suggesstions include asking Alice & Rich for their suggested 

     questions. General agreement that committee will do the work of winnowing & selection (of 

     questions and candidates and successful Candidate).--Tight deadline: Committee to screen both 

     the questions and the resumés on 4 February, with first interviews scheduled for the week of the 

      11thand the final round on the 20th, offer to be made on 25th—at which point the significant 

     question will be, “When can you start?”

F) Comments from Directors: 

      Polkinghornegave Board members the door code. If any member missed it, contact the 


G) Public Expression: none

H) Closed Session.--Report out: personnel matters discussed in deatil.

I) Adjournment: 7:30 p.m. . . . on the dot.

Draft minutes respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Middlebrook