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Board Meeting 12-12-2018


MCPB—Board of Directors' meeting

564 South Dora Street, Ukiah, CA 95482

December 12, 2018

Members attending: Azzaro, Bushansky, Dow, Hulse-Stephens, Karp, Middlebrook, Polkinghorne, Tischler,

Member absent:  Vinyard

Members of the public: Campbell (former Board member, GM, and current historical resource), Keller (former Board member), Blankfort (programmer), Gilardin (programmer), George

A) Call to order @ 5:15 p.m., by President Azzaro

B) Agenda approved

C) Approval of minutes of 28 November meeting. Board member requests 12 pt. type. Secretary says

yes, for future minutes.

D) Interim General Manager's Report (oral): Has met with all staff except Willits reporter. No dramatic

change in financial situation; i.e. stable in short term. Winter fund-raising receipts deposited. --Plans to gather news team together with Sherri; IGM will work up cost of “news kits” (gear), for 

reporters, estimates $500 each. Resiliency grant application will require a “forced-march” 

(prioritized) list of needs; CDF seems favorably inclined to rent reduction/elimination; McGuire                                       

very busy, but helpful; IGM plans major (non-metaphorical) housecleaning at station early in 2019; 

payments for NPR satellite will be made; realistically, without major donor support, significant 

pay-down of old NPR debt not doable. --Chairman suggests circulating (to whom?) a brief, factual 

memo about debt; suggests a party for programmers, to introduce & welcome new GM.

E) Committee Reports 

1.    Finance—Tischler reports no news until after Finance Committee meets in Philo on 21     


 2.Membership/fundraising: Dow's report mostly covered in IGM report (above).        

 3. Planning: Hulse-Stephens reports focus on 30thAnniversary celebration. Committee favors            

smallevents throughout the year (mentions Sequoia Room events) and a large party in October .--Emerging theme: “Strictly Mendocino”--bands, food trucks, banners, arts & crafts, all adding up  to a portrait of Mendocino County. --H-S turns to the members' survey sent with the ballot. Self-selecting group. Mostly pats on the back. We seem to be weak on diversity & ethnic issues.  Tischler comments that the purpose of the survey was to begin the planning process; the questions drawn from previous mission statements. H-S passes out a single sheet, Strategic Goals & Objectives. Tischler forcefully says station needs to be hardened. --Azzaro remarks on our similarity to KMUD: both of us in debt & need of a GM. We're both growing, going through the same challenges. Friendship, nascent alliance? --Karp asks what (and at what point) changes if we go into Lake County: lots of stuff involved in reaching more people—costs rise, income (possibly) rises. Tischler suggests a small committee to examine the matter. It's a Board decision, but we don't want to scare off a new GM.

4. Programming/Publicity:Karp reports that he has nothing to say but will take some time to say

     it. --The Word of Mouth story about us was a true success. --Azzaro remarks on success of 8 

     December Space event; emphasizes the joy of it. We should have more such events, on air. 

     Suggests remote broadcasts. Karp suggests an e-mail list of all programmers, to alert them to 

     events. Some concern expressed about programmers' privacy. “The Russians are trolling,” 

     someone stage-muttered.

5. External Communications:Secretary reports he's responded per Board policy to one letter of


6. Bylaws and PoliciesPolkinghorne reports that the committee has begun its line-by-line

     consideration of by-laws and policies. By-laws straight-forward. Policies more complex.

7. Audit Committee:Hulse-Stephens reports that committee needs 3 Board members to certify

    the audit. Clarifies that members do not perform the audit, but certify that it's been done. With 

    that understanding, Middlebrook & Tischler agree to serve.

8. CAB:Middlebrook reports hopes but little concrete progress so far on reconstituting the CAB.

9. Personnel/Search: Azzaro/Polkinghorne report that job will be posted on 14 December.

F)  Public Expression: [Advanced in agenda, to accommodate the patient public]

--Keller wonders about the [unnamed] Lake County Donor? --IGM responds that he's still assessing 

  the reality of the offer, as well as consequences of a premature move. --Discussion moved to 

  explanation of lack of acknowledging KZYX on the Space, 8 December printed flyers/posters: 

  familiar, unfortunate lash-up. Discussed with Space. Won't happen again.

  --Blankfort is happy he was wrong about [assuming that most its success depended on one 

  anonymous donor?] How much actually did come from anonymous donor? --IGM answers 

  $15,000, from various donors, as kick-start for drive.

  --Gilardin: urges KZYX to inspect the Pt. Reyes Station's emergency broadcast set-up. It's a good 

  one & possible model for us. --She also says that our local Native Americans are concerned that 

  the “Promise of Paradise” interviews do not give a balanced version of what happened to natives' 

  experience. She mentions the commercial(ized) harvest of seaweed diminishing overall supply.--

  IGM remarks that there could be a series of interviews on that & other topics raised by the 

  current series.

G)  There was no formal, closed session. The balance of the meeting was devoted to details of GM job 


H)  Adjournment: 7:54 p.m.

Draft minutes respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Middlebrook