A bit about Mendocino County

Mendocino County is a stunning place to visit and rewarding place to live and work. It's a rural place whose landscape includes a rugged coastline, with lighthouses and a glass beach interestingly linked to the 1906 San Francisco Quake. There are small fishing harbors and the village of Mendocino, which is an icon for every artist who wants to imagine life at the edge of a seriously fickle ocean. We're an agricultural place. Our county's major industry is most evident from the many vineyards located in inland valleys, east of the much-diminished redwood forests. It's an established, $120 million wine industry. No sprawling cities here, no heavy industry, but charming rural hamlets aplenty. Apples, pears, cherries may be in decline, but the long-established cannabis farm business is learning to thrive in legal sunlight. At one time Mendocino County defined the back-to-the-land Hippie movement.

Our county seat is workaday, palindromic Ukiah (pop. 16,000). We have a vibrant cultural life, with several long-established symphonies and theater companies, music festivals on the coast and by the river, pottery studios, two-year Mendocino College, the Dharma Realm Buddhist University, poetry readings, lectures, stock-car races, sheep-dog trials. Our schools are good, as are our medical facilities. The new ER in Ukiah is splendid. Our shopping ranges from local bookstores to Wal-Mart and Costco, Safeway to the Natural Foods Co-Op, farmers' markets, CSA deliveries, specialty shops and thrift stores.

We also have a well-established public radio station which seeks a dynamic, experienced General Manager who wants to join our community.