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The Generation That Can't Wait to Move Up at Work

The newest generation of workers seems to be at the top of managers' worry list these days. These 20-somethings, known as the Millennial Generation, are eager to bounce up the corporate ladder without putting in the time on the lower rungs.

"This generation of 20-somethings is slightly different in that they grew up very coddled by their parents," career consultant Alexandra Levit tells Renee Montagne. "And so they're coming into the workforce really not prepared to do some of the grunt work associated with being an entry-level employee and want to do meaningful work right away."

"This cuts both ways, because in one sense you have people who are very motivated, very smart [and] know how to leverage technology. But on the other hand, you have people who tend to want to be general managers by the age of 23..." Levit adds.

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