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Promise of Paradise Episode 20: Tom Wodetzki

March 28, 2019 -- Today we’ll be hearing from Tom Wodetzki of Albion, a long-time political activist. Tom lived on a commune in Albion called Salmon Creek Farm for 15 years, the longest stretch of any of his fellow communards. He’s had a hand in just about every political and environmental movement this county has seen since the 70s. But before he arrived in Albion, Tom cut his political teeth back East in the civil rights movement and demonstrating against the Vietnam War. In the late 60s, Tom ran a free university in Manhattan, called the Alternate U, which was a training ground for anti-imperialism and street protests. The Alternate U was also a vibrant political hub for feminism, men’s liberation and helped provide support during the historic gay uprising at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. We’ll hear how this mild-mannered, mid-west guy, whose commune friends still call him Moonlight, went first to New York City and became a politico. And then, how urban burnout and progressive politics led him to find his place on a Mendocino commune where the personal was political. 

Full episode with Tom Wodetzki, aired March 27, 2019.
Lightly edited interview with Tom Wodetzki.