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Blake More


Poet extraordinaire host of KXYX Public Affairs Program Be More Now at 7PM either the first or third Thursday of every month.

Escaping city life to be by the ocean and woods along the coast of Southern Mendocino County, Blake More is an artist and poet with many creative voices and obsessions. Blurring the boundaries between disciplines, her work embraces visual art, poetry, audio, video, performance, costume design, teaching, functional mixed media art/life pieces and hand-painted art cars.  

She also stands on her head, dances, digs in the dirt, eats homegrown food, grows her own medicine, plays with children and jumps in the river whenever possible.  A UCLA graduate and lifetime member of Phi Beta Kappa, she has avoided a “real job” since 1989, and makes her living as a graphic designer, artist in the classrooms, writer, mural painter, performer, costume designer and poet.

Blake’s art is often inspired by nature, geometry and the female form, and she regularly incorporates mixed-media collage and painting into her digital expressions.  She also likes to paint big.  In addition to murals (including one in Baracoa, Cuba and one in Amsterdam, Holland), she has created three “artcars”. The first, created in 1995, was “Zezzie the Girl”, a 1969 Karman Ghia that paid contemporary homage to the 60s counter culture movement (and was featured in the 30 year “Summer of Love” festival); the second (which she still owns drives around town and to festivals ) is “Eartha Karr” a renaissance/tattoo art-inspired 1978 Mercedes 300CD that runs entirely on biodiesel; the third, which she finished last spring, is a Mercedes SL500 painted with a metallic palette she calls “Star Yantra” (staryantra.life).  Like each of her cars, Star Yantra incorporates poetry, and Yantra’s message is a visual meme incorporating sacred geometry, the female form and the cosmic nature of our humanity.

She also organizes and hosts cabarets and shows, including a long standing poetry & jazz series called Point Arena Third Thursday Poetry that takes place every third Thursday at 215 Main in Point Arena. In addition, she is the author of one fiction, two non-fiction, and four books of poetry.  Her favorite of her books, godmeat is a collection of poetry, prose, color artwork, and a DVD compilation of poem movies, and her other books, including her latest chapbook Up In the Me World are available on her website.

She has definitely made up her mind on the eternal question of whether to breathe or not to breathe.

To explore more of Blake’s creative world, please visit snakelyone.com.