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  Caltrans has plans to start its geotechnical investigation of the Albion bridge this month, if they get approval from the California Coastal Commission. The investigation will help determine the range of alternatives for the bridge that include replacement and rehabilitation options. A group of coastal residents called Albion Bridge Stewards are working to keep the historic bridge in-tact, as long as it is safe.

Sheri Quinn

Communities across the nation are working on ways to improve fire prevention while adapting to climate change. Long-time Mendocino County resident Keith Rutledge and former firefighter studies fire history and prevention in an effort to protect his home, his neighbors, and the region. Here is a brief overview.  Tune in Friday, September 7 at 11am for the entire interview. 

Forest Service, Mendocino National Forest

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story was illustrated by a picture that was used without permission and inadvertently attributed to Mendocino Complex rather than The Mendocino Voice, an online news service that is covering the Mendocino Complex fires. We have replaced the picture on our website and on Facebook, where our report was widely shared. We regret the misunderstanding, and wish The Mendocino Voice the best in its ongoing coverage of this dangerous fire emergency in Lake and Mendocino counties.


Climate change is intensifying wildfires across California.  Fires are burning hotter, faster, and they are more unpredictable.  Forester Chris Anthony discusses fire behavior and how it has changed since the 1930s. 


The Eel River Recovery Project ( ERRP) released the results of their latest (third) survey of the non native Sacramento pikeminnow in the Eel River. The results indicate the fish is thriving and is likely negatively impacting non native fish species such as Coho and Chinook Salmon, Summer Steelhead, lamprey, and trout.