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Julian Brave Noisecat

Feb 7, 2019

To listen to this interview with Julian Brave Noisecat, click on this link:

It also contains links to articles referenced in the interview.

Episode 13: Nancy Peregrine

Feb 7, 2019
Nancy Peregrine

February 7, 2019 — Nancy Peregrine, an herbalist and healthcare practitioner carved out a spot of wilderness for her homestead in Whale Gulch - located in the furthest northwest corner of Mendocino County.

Tune into KZYX&Z’s Be More Now program at 7pm on Thursday, Feb 7 to hear host Blake More talk with Spirit House creators Ron Nadeau and Toni Bernbaum. They will be talking about the healing community/spiritual resource we have in Mendocino county, including some of the events that have taken place at Spirit House as well as some to look forward to, plus some conversation about how we can tap on our own resources to navigate the rapid changes occurring in our lifetimes. 

Episode 12: John Schaeffer

Jan 31, 2019
John Schaeffer

Jan 31, 2019 — Today we’ll hear from John Shaeffer, owner and founder of Real Goods, now in Hopland. John is the epitome of the old-fashioned entrepreneur, with an eye for innovation. As a communard who worked on computers for the county during the mid-seventies, he was in the unique position of straddling the old and the new: embracing primitivism while using cutting-edge technology.

Episode 11: John Mayfield

Jan 24, 2019
Leah (Mayfield) Ford

January 24, 2019 — Today we’ll hear from John Mayfield, Jr. whose entire family relocated from Oklahoma to the “Orr Springs country” right after WWII to help build and run Mendo Mill and Lumber Company.  John describes his adolescence at the one-room schoolhouse near Comptche and his redoubtable teacher, Ruth Mannix, who made sure he had a superlative education. John recalls Ukiah in the 50s and 60s, his emergence as a conservative business and political leader, and his perspective on the 1970s “in-migration” of “hippies” who felt that the rules didn’t apply to them.