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On Wednesday March 28th on Forthright Radio, our guest is Bournemouth University (UK) Professor of Media and Communication, Anna Feigenbaum. We’ll be discussing her work and her books, PROTEST CAMPS and most recently,  TEAR GAS: FROM THE BATTLEFIELDS OF WORLD WAR I TO THE STREETS OF TODAY. 

Alma Latina Playlist March 24th

Mar 24, 2018

Alma Latina (Music) with Aline 03/24/2018 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:00PM-03:04PM (4:29) Carlinhos Brown “Zanza” composed by Carlinhos Brown from alfagamabetizado on Unknown

03:04PM-03:08PM (3:40) Madredeus “Guitarra” from Ainda (From "Lisbon Story") [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] on Parlophone Portugal

03:08PM-03:13PM (4:54) Lura “Bida Mariadu” from M'Bem Di Fora (2006) on Lusafrica

Kevin Kamps: Beyond Nuclear

Mar 15, 2018
Stars & Stripes magazine

To hear this edition of Forthright Radio with Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear:

What's it like to be naked with James Franco? how do you mentally and physically prepare yourself to be encased in Plaster for three hours? and most importantly, why are there 267 words for Love in Sanskrit? Elyse Poppers is the guest on XXWhy.

Jeffrey Parker

On the eve of International Women’s Day, KZYX Mendocino Works turned its focus to the topic of women and leadership, and observations about today's landscape for women in business enterprise and in politics. Guests were Mary O’Connor, a North Bay business development expert and award-winning business coach, and Rachel Binah, an Environmental and Community Activist. Hear the hourlong interview here.

Solar Living Institute

Rebuilding from the October wildfires? Are you sure you are building the very best possible house? Hundreds of fire survivor families are now facing important decisions -- and opportunities -- as they meet with architects and contractors about replacement homes. On Wednesday 21 February at 7 p.m., KZYX Mendocino Works welcomed Adam Goldberg of the Solar Living Institute for a conversation about resilient, sustainable and innovative rebuilding. We explored strategies for building homes that are far more resilient and fire-retardant, while taking advantage of a huge range of sustainability options that can make a home far more energy efficient -- even energy neutral -- at prices comparable to conventional construction.

To hear this edition of Forthright Radio with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz click here:

Her most recent book, LOADED: A DISARMING HISTORY OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT  just out from City Lights Publishing - is a provocative, timely, and deeply researched history of gun culture, and how it reflects race and power in the United States.

On Tuesday at 7pm the Ecology Hour topic will be outdoor education in Mendocino County. Alice will speak with Elizabeth Cameron and Jeanne Coleman Smith about The Mendocino Outdoor Science School at the Mendocino Woodlands. That’s Tuesday February 20th at 7pm on KZYX.

ResolutionCare Indiegogo campaign

Here in largely rural Mendocino, is it possible to grow old with grace and dignity in one's own home, especially for those with chronic illnesses? An innovative organization in Humboldt county thinks it has the answer, and it's bringing the model to Mendocino County. On Wednesday 7 February, KZYX Mendocino Works interviewed Dr Michael Fratkin, founder and president of ResolutionCare, a community-based in-home palliative care organization, and Lynn Dress-Meadows, who is working with Dr Fratkin to build the Mendocino Care Network. Click the link to hear the entire interview.

David Cay Johnston - It's Even Worse Than You Think

Feb 7, 2018

David Cay Johnston digs deep, gets the facts others evade, ignore or fail to look for, much less find, and exposes exactly how the American system is rigged in favor of the 1% of the 1%.

To hear this interview click on this link:

Norman de Vall

What is Mendocino County attempting to achieve with proposed revisions of the Class K "alternative building code", which for four decades has enabled rural homesteaders to build their own safe and affordable dwellings? 

On Wednesday January 24 at 7 p.m., our public affairs program Mendocino Works explored the proposed Class K revisions and their implications for housing with Stephanie Gold of the Anderson Valley Housing Association; independent building code consultant Scott Ward, who as a county official inspected hundreds of Class K and conventional homes; and 5th District Supervisor Dan Hamburg, who sits on the Board of Supervisors' housing subcommittee. You can hear the full hourlong discussion by clicking this link.

This is an interview with Theresa Gowan, Medstar Ambulance Operations Manager and EMT-Paramedic, from January 2nd, 2018.  One of many unsung heroes in Mendocino County, she tells us the story of Medstar Ambulance, previously known as Ukiah Ambulance, and provides a clear insight into what happens when we dial 911.