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Promise of Paradise Episode 15: River

Feb 20, 2019
"Dwelling" published by Freestone Publishing Company

River began her journey as Sally Shook, a 1950s Washington DC suburban housewife who had a longing for something much more.

She found it in Mendocino County in the late 60s in the feminist revolution that produced Country Women Magazine, she found it in the book she wrote, "Dwelling:  On Making Your Own," and on the Salmon Creek Farm commune in Albion, which she helped establish.  

Now 83, River lives in a Vermont retirement community.

Promise of Paradise Episode 14: George Montag

Feb 14, 2019
George and Donna Montag

February 14, 2019 -- Today's story comes from George Montag, who was born in Hungary, grew up in New York City, and came to California for the Summer of Love. In 1971, he arrived in Elk, with his young son and two cardboard boxes that contained everything they owned. He tells the story of how he found a job setting choke chain, fell in love with the woman who ran the nursery school, and helped found the Jewish community. We'll hear about Passover muffins, the hexagonal house, and if he thinks his generation managed to pass the back-to-the-land ethos on to the next generation.

Holistic Health Perspectives: Lisa Harvey

Feb 8, 2019

Here is the audio link for the show on Vision Therapy with Lisa Harvey, OD

HHP9 15 15 Dr. Lisa Harvey Vision.mp3

Here is the audio link to Mary's show August 2018:

HHP 11 15 2016 Mary Sheila Gonnella Bones .mp3

Holistic Health Perspectives 7/3/2018

Feb 8, 2019

Beth Reidel spoke about First Aid: here is the link to the audio show:

HHP 10 6 15 Beth Reidel First aid.mp3