Measure B

July 10, 2019 — Sheriff Tom Allman said he was satisfied with the direction the Board of Supervisors took yesterday on the latest recommendation by the Measure B Citizens' Oversight Committee. That committee is tasked with making recommendations to the board about how to spend special county tax money that’s been earmarked for mental health. The board recently approved a recommendation to hire an administrative project manager who would oversee the development of three kinds of treatment facilities. But the law also allows the money to be used for a regional training facility.

On Friday November 3, Bob Bushansky will speak with Sheriff Tom Allman about Measure B. They will discuss how Measure b differs from previous proposed mental health initiatives and why Sheriff Allman this one will pass. Last year’s measure lost by only 165 votes. Sheriff Allman will also discuss how Measure B will increase law enforcement efficiency, reduce recidivism, the cost of incarceration,Please join us on Politics: A Love Story, Friday at 9:00 AM on KZYX.