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Flow Kana Gets Multi-Use Permit

Aug 20, 2018

Aug 17, 2018 -- Flow Kana, the multi-use cannabis facility in Redwood Valley, got a permit to manufacture, test, and distribute cannabis at a recent Mendocino County Planning Commission meeting. The company will bring in Cascadia, an Oregon-based lab, to test cannabis on-site. Permitted farmers will be able to utilize the lab whether they work with Flow Kana or not. 

The company will be responsible for chip-sealing a section of Bel Arbres Road within two years, and the permit does not include public events. Check out the full story to hear more details.

When you think of seafood you probably think of fish right? Well there's another kind of seafood that we don't think about much. One most of us have eaten. John Lewallen has been harvesting seaweed from the state beach in Elk for almost forty years. 

Hopland Research & Extension Center, Post Fire

Aug 15, 2018

Aug 15, 2018 -- The Hopland Research and Extension Center was evacuated during the River Fire, and about two thirds of it burned. Buildings, livestock, and guard dogs were all spared. But what effect did the fire have on wildlife? I took a walk around some of the upper pastures with HREC comunity educator Hannah Bird. She told me she expects the center to shift its focus to wildfire ecology. The center, she believes, is ideally suited for it, because scientists kept years of data leading up to the fires.

Surviving The Fire

Aug 15, 2018

Aug 15, 2018 -- Doug Stelter ran for his life last year, when a wind-driven firestorm destroyed the property where he was living and killed his brother, his brother's girlfriend, and kennels full of purebred dogs. Now he lives in a FEMA trailer at Lake Mendocino and enjoys catching catfish. But the new fires have him spooked. And a lot of the customers who used to hire him to do work on their land are burned out, too. When we drove out to the parcel where he lived less than a year ago, we saw signs for three different realtors at the end of the road.

Helping Fire Survivors In Redwood Valley

Aug 15, 2018

Aug 15, 2018 -- There is a 2,500 square foot warehouse in Redwood Valley, where volunteer Danilla Sands has been organizing aid for fire survivors from two seasons' worth of conflagrations. The center is an homage to Sands' friend, Margaret Stephenson, who passed away in last year's blaze. Today, it is humming with life, as volunteers, survivors, and donors come by to find whatever they need, from dish soap or specialty dog food to friendship and healing.