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April 8, 2020--On today's local coronavirus update, Dr. Drew Colfax welcomes Dr. Jessica McInich, Clinical Psychologist at Anderson Valley Health Center, to talk about strategies for managing stress and anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. McInich cautions that the extremes of fixating on coronavirus news or completely tuning it all out can contribute to stress, and that finding a middle ground is helpful.

Jim Culp interviews Petra Schulte, who talks about the benefits of a plant-based diet in living a longer, healthier life.


April 7, 2020--Dr. Drew Colfax is joined by his colleague Dr. JJ Allende, who works in the ICU at Ukiah Adventist Hospital for the day's local coronavirus update. There are over 400,000 case of COVID-19 nationwide, while California's infection rate has slowed to single digits, increasing at 7% per day down from 16% last week.

Don't Get Complacent: Mendo Coronavirus Update 4-6

Apr 7, 2020

April 6, 2020--The numbers of cases of coronavirus are continuing to rise across the country, but in Mendocino County totals remain the same. There have been four confirmed COVID-19 cases here and no hospitalizations, while testing is ongoing in a relatively tiny percentage of the population.


April 3, 2020--We've talked a lot about individual actions to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Mendocino County: sheltering in place, washing hands and avoiding touching our faces, and now wearing homemade masks when we venture out for essential tasks. Today Dr. Doohan speaks about her work as the Public Health Officer, and taking care of the entire population through COVID-19.


April 3, 2020--California's growth rate of new coronavirus cases is still farily flat statewide, Dr. Drew Colfaxt reported today, suggesting that the state's early shelter-in-place measure are making a difference here. Just before the day's update, Mendocino County Public Health Officer Dr. Mimi Doohan hosted a public conference call with representatives from several local health clinics in the county. Dr. Colfax shared his thoughts about the county's excellent local clinics, and how the whole local health care system is collaborating to prepare for COVID-19.

Mendocino County Public Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan provided an update, and the clinics spoke about the amazing work they are doing in the community.

Final elections results are in

Apr 3, 2020

April 3, 2020 — The official elections results are in, with 56.82% of the county’s almost 52,000 registered voters participating in the election. The final count confirms early indicators of runoffs in the first and second supervisorial districts, another term for Fourth District Supervisor Dan Gjerde, and a judge’s bench for Patrick Pekin.

In Mendocino Village, there was zero rainfall during the month of February. The county as a whole is showing less than half of normal rainfall. The State of California has predicted a "moderate drought year," and County Superintendent Carre Brown says we should start conservation measures early. Ryan Rhoades, incoming District Supervisor of the Mendocino Community Services District,  takes on a system of 400 individually owned wells in a drought year.


March 31, 2020--Mendocino Mask Makers Unite! Dr. Drew Colfax recommends wearing a homemade fabric mask when out and about doing essential tasks to minimize the potential for spreading COVID-19 in the community. He also gives a rundown of the day's local and national coronavirus numbers, and answers calls from listeners.


April 1, 2020--Emergency Room physician Dr. Drew Colfax of Ukiah Adventist Hostpital and Dr. John Rochat, Primary Care Physician at Anderson Valley Health Center, give the day's live local coronavirus update for April 1. While national numbers grow exponentially worse, locally Mendocino County is holding steady at 4 confirmed cases and no hospitalizations. Dr.

April 1, 2020 — With entire sectors of the economy shuttered and employees furloughed, small business owners are looking for new ways to use what they have on hand. That’s what Crispin Cain, president of Tamar Distillery in Redwood Valley, is doing with the organic and GMO-free grains he originally assembled to make high-quality gin.

Shelter in place is now a county ordinance

Apr 1, 2020

April 1, 2020 — The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously March 31 to pass an urgency ordinance that makes the public health officer’s orders during the pandemic a county ordinance, enforceable by county staff, including code enforcement from Planning and Building and all peace officers with jurisdiction in the county. There are also penalties: $10,000 per violation, per day for commercial violations, intended to discourage non-compliant businesses from viewing fines as the cost of doing business and continuing to violate the orders.


March 30, 2020--Dr. Drew Colfax gives the day's update and answers listeners' questions. Today things remain quiet at the Ukiah emergency room, and he describes a "weird holding pattern" while cases in New York skyrocket. He observes anecdotally that locals seem to be taking the physical distancing order and shelter in place seriously, which may be why as of today we only have four confirmed cases and no evidence of significant community spread.

Courts still open, with limitations

Mar 30, 2020

March 30, 2020 — With the pandemic disrupting all aspects of everyday life, a lot has changed at the Mendocino County Superior Court. KZYX sat down with Ann Moorman, Presiding Judge of the Mendocino County Superior Court, on Friday, March 27, for details.

We’ve included two short excerpts at the bottom of this partial summary, as well as the half-hour interview.