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Special Board meeting 1-12-21

1/12/2021 Minutes of the KZYX Board of Directors meeting

Special Session of the Board of Directors

Mendocino County Public Broadcasting

Via Zoom

Present: Tom Dow, chair; Marty Durlin, general manager; Steve Winkle, bookkeeper; Dina Polkinghorne, Kate Stornetta, Kathy Rippey, David Hulse-Stephens

A.    Call to order: 5 p.m. by Director Dow 

B.    Item of business: to review and approve the financial audit of KZYX.

a.     Dir. Dow reported from the Finance Committee that the committee had reviewed and approved of the audit.  The audit had found that everything was in order with no issues.

b.     S. Winkle explained one addition to the auditors report: “Note 10” has been revised by the auditor to reflect the very recent forgiveness of the Federal loan through the Payroll Protection Program (PPP).

c.     Dir. Hulse-Stephens made a motion to accept and approve the auditors report. The motion was seconded by Dir. Polkinghorne. The motion passed unanimously. 

d.     The audit will be forwarded to the CPB before the January 15 deadline.


The Board went into closed session. 

Information was shared; no action was taken.

The meeting was adjourned.