Rural Resilience

Every other Thursday at 9 AM

Rural Resilience - A KZYX inquiry regarding at-risk children in Mendocino County

(Airing alternate Thursdays from 9:00AM to 10:00AM.)

Hosted by: Alyson Bailey

Rural Resilience is a different kind of local series for KZYX, delving deeply into a single subject from many different angles. KZYX in concert with local advocates is using the power of radio for good by highlighting the need, and existence of childhood supports in Mendocino County. Throughout the series, you can expect to hear about foster care, health, disability, and other factors that children and families face daily in Mendocino County.

Alyson Bailey has been devoted to community service and social work since 1998. She moved to the Mendocino coast in 2006, becoming involved in aging and mental health advocacy and housing in 2014. She is a certified Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist, Residential Facility for the Elderly Administrator, Adult Residential Facility Administrator, LGBT Aging Educator, and Founder of EDIFY Family Advocacy. Alyson currently shares a home in Willits with her husband, child, and beloved cats.

For further information about Rural Resilience, please contact KZYX or our host, Alyson.

Lia Holbrook, Coast Services Director for Project Sanctuary, explains the resources available for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Mendocino County. Including a Crisis support line (707-964-HELP), shelter service, and a prevention-education program, Project Sanctuary can be found at

For this episode of Rural Resilience, Sarah Reith sits in for Alyson Bailey. Her guest is Anne Molgaard, Chief Operating Officer of Mendocino County Health and Human Services.

Gary Lewis works as a teacher of high-risk students for the Ft Bragg school district. In this interview he speaks about High Risk students. Who are they? What are his experiences with this group of students? How does he approach educating them and how his classroom differs from mainstream school.  He also talks about the risks and challenges faced by teachers, schools, parents, and the community in supporting these students.

The audio is here:

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Jan 19, 2018

**February 1, 2018: Tapestry Family Services?**


On this second edition of Rural Resilience, Alyson Bailey's guest will be Nichole Luhr, MEd, Foster Care Program Manager for Tapestry Family Services.  Tapestry is a full-service foster family agency established to serve children with varying levels of need. Tune in on Thursday, February 1st at 9AM on KZYX.