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Radiogram is two hours of spoken arts and music of all kinds: 

 > stories

 > old-time and contemporary radio theater

 > readings, monologues, comedy

 > mash-ups of sound bites, music, & various audio-oddities 

This is radio that puts hair on your brain and takes the moss off your stones!

10/10/18 playlist

20 hours ago

The Man Who Had No Story To Tell        15:58

Galician Pipes

Kevin Carr live in Elk ..... 1/7/11


Charles Laughton, Storyteller                 34:46—TheStory-teller

For Ellington

The Modern Jazz Quartet


Pallindromes                                            7:49

Baby Gramps on Same Ol' Timeously

10/3/18 playlist with links to audio sources

Oct 5, 2018



Bears opener…2018 mix         10:39

The Three Bears

Ray Ellington

Teddy Bears' Picnic                 

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman from Not Just For Kids

Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues

Bob Dylan on Bootleg Series, Vol. 9



Hard-Boiled Dicks… 2018 mix           21:16

St. George & the Dragonet



Ryokan / Moonrise             9:41


Joya Timpanelli on Story Traveler… from PRX—93475

David Durett clip 


Baxter Black on Baxter Black's NPR CD's

Up North

Lila Nelson on Still Got the Farm


Stuff 2018                     33:55

Mountains Of Things

The Duhks on Migrations

'When In Rome...'

RADIOGRAM... 9/19/18 playlist

Sep 23, 2018



Bluejay Yarn… 2018 mix

  Little Brown Dog…. instrumental intro                                  

   Taj Mahal & The International Rhythm Band~Live & Direct

  Baker's Bluejay Yarn

   Walter Brennan reads Mark Twain

  Little Brown Dog…. clip w/ vocals                                  

   Taj Mahal & The International Rhythm Band~Live & Direct


Links to audio sources for Radiogram, 1/3/18

Jan 5, 2018

Here are links to my sources for stuff that I aired or talked about on my first 2018 show.

That piece about Dylan's All Along the Watchtower was from the Nerdwriter video blog.

I played a quote from Shonda Rhimes'  2014 Dartmouth College commencement address.