Paranormal Observations

Everyother Monday NIGHT at Mid-Night

If you've ever had the funny feeling that causes you to think twice about the strange story your friend told you that happened to them the other day then please stick around and listen to Paranormal Observations. We will encounter the wonderous and the strange and the eerie and we will come home to tell the tale. We will hearĀ  some strange storys that our friends, family, and neighbors want to share with the community. We will share ideas and hear from experts about theirs on a variety of wide ranging topics encompassing the paranormal. Please join Matthew the host of Paranormal Observations every other Monday night at mid-night.

In this show we interview Leslie Kean about her latest ground breaking, and best selling novel.

Surviving Death: A journalist investigates evidence for the afterlife.

Not only does Leslie go out into the field to have first hand experiences her self she has guest chapters written by some of the worlds foremost researchers and experts on topics like Near Death Experience research, academic study of reincarnation cases and other topics of interest to us here at paranormal observations.