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Jazz drummer Henry Conerway III was raised in a musical family and nurtured by the jazz community of his native Detroit. Throughout the album the sounds of the city can be heard in do-wop riffs and hints of gospel. Conerway is joined on this album by Kevin Smith on bass and Kenny Banks Jr on piano. The album is called With Pride For Dignity. For Conerway the title is both ancestral homage and political self-affirmation in a world that often denies humanity to black people.  

October 22nd Stuart Weber - The Fifth Row

Oct 23, 2018

Listening to an acoustic instrument alone in a beautiful room is a rare experience difficult to translate that experience to a recording, but  Stuart weber has done just that with his latest album The Fifth Row. The album is a collection of songs for classical guitar recorded in eleven historic theatres in five western states. Weber’s phrasing is engaging and the songs are beautiful but what makes this album unique is the way the acoustics of these historic buildings become an extension of his instrument creating a rich sound that gives you goosebumps.

October 15th Anne Akiko Meyers- Mirror In Mirror

Oct 15, 2018

Anne Akiko Meyers is a classical violinist much in demand with the worlds top orchestras. Her latest album seems to counteract the international touring life with intimate and personal compositions composed or arranged for her. The track we’re hearing, Lullaby For Natalie, was composed for Meyer’s second child by John Corigliano. To this day the piece is used to help her daughter sleep. Anne Akiko Meyers’ beautiful collection of 20th century classical violin music is called Mirror in Mirror.

July 26th Kingston Rudieska - Everyday People

Jul 25, 2018



July 20th Nicki Bluhm - To Rise You Gotta Fall

Jul 20, 2018

Country music has always done a stellar job of celebrating strong women, and Nicki Bluhm is the latest example. Her new solo album To Rise You Gotta Fall makes songwriting sound easy. After six years fronting the Gramblers, Bluhm split from her husband and took the subsequent songs into the Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis. The resulting album is a masterful display of a strong voice with feminine vulnerability, a breakup album that doesn’t drag you down with it, but stands tall. Nicki Bluhm's album is called To Rise You Gotta Fall, the track we’re hearing is How Do I Love You?