The Magic Bus

2nd Monday of the month from Midnight to 3 AM

The Cat in the Hat is your driver on board the Magic Bus traveling the Highways, Byways, Back roads and Back alley's of Rock and Progressive Rock and maybe a bit of jazz fusion, film music and other stuff that doesn't belong.

It's a trip to nowhere and back again.

Don't bother looking for the seat belts, there aren't any. We ask that you please keep head, hands and feet outside the window at any time you feel the need. We also ask you to wait for the bus to begin moving before distracting the driver and as always there is a zero tolerance policy regarding mind altering substances. Anyone caught with mind altering substances without sharing them with the entire bus will be asked to leave.

And while there is in fact no charge, I do offer a 100% refund if not satisfied.

We start with rock then slide into the progressive side of rock and end with a mix of fusion.

You'll hear Yes, early Genesis, Pick Floyd, Camel, Gentle Giant, UK, The Strawbs, Porcupine Tree, Goblin, The Giant Hogweed Orchestra, OrzricĀ  Tentacles, Starcastle, Atomic Rooster, Dream Theater, Garcia Peoples, Spaceslug and many, many more plus the masters of classic rock like Zeppelin, Bruce, Stones, Santana, Joan Jett. And of course the greatest Rock and Roll band of all-time THE WHO.

Come on board!