Bueno Yabbelow Concert Series

Occasional Features
  • Hosted by Alice Woelfle, Alice Woelfle-Erskine Gabriela Lena Frank

The Bueno Yabbelow Concert series features Visiting musicians and composers from the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Music Academy. The composers and performance faculty share their gifts with the Anderson Valley community on the Bueno Yabbelow Music Series, the Academy's in-house music events series.  Taking its cue from the trilingual history of the Anderson Valley (English, Spanish, and Boontling), the name of the series means "good chatter" and serves as the inspiration for what audiences can expect: Truly excellent performances from a diverse line-up of voices, engaging commentary from our musicians themselves, and ample opportunities for the audience to ask questions.

A Recording of the September 19th concert with Joshua Roman and Johnny Gandelsman is now available! The show page also contains interviews with the composers and performers as well as an interview with Gabriela. We'll be posting recordings of future concerts as well so check back soon!

This performance for the Bueno Yabbelow Music Series took place at the Anderson Valley Grange on September 19th 2017. It was broadcast on October 23rd 2017. The performers are Joshua Roman, Cello, Johnny Gandelsman, violin. The composers you’ll hear are Gabriela Lena Frank, Roger Zare, Akshaya Tucker, Christine Hedden, Michael Foumani, Noah Luna, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Edward Perez.