The B Side

The 1st and 3rd Monday from Midnight to 3AM

Music program:  The B-Side

Hosted by:  Craig with a 'K'

Every 1st and 3rd Monday from midnight to 3am

A Three hour music program featuring a variety of styles ranging from; modern chill lounge, alternative rock, some club & house tracks, a few hip-hop & rap selections sometimes in English, various international music both modern and traditional.

I put together a set of music aiming to blend songs based on tempo, key & mood sometimes finding that different styles of genres can transition nicely. Often I'll put on a quirky or funny track to conclude a mood, or before I get back on the microphone. Each show covers a progression of songs that follow some kind of inspired theme over the course of the three hour show. Some factors that influence a show's storyline are the weather, world & local events or a mix of songs in my collection. Overall I feel my shows so far have been music good for having a party to or to get some work done to.

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