The Uplift 5-15: Local Poets and Songwriters Reflect on the Pandemic

May 16, 2020


1.Nesting by Michael Riedell

2. Convene Supervene by Blake More

3. Hail to Medicals, Mary Norbert Korte

4. I haven’t touched a doorknob, by Melissa Eleftherion Carr

5. Quarantine Spring by Armand Brint

6. Hymn to an Unknown God, words by Diane di Prima, music by Wilco, performed by Colter Jacobsen

7. Poem, by Colter Jacobsen

8. 700 by Emily Dickinson, performed by Colter Jacobsen

9. Poem, by Colter Jacobsen

10. Slow Parlor, performed by Colter Jacobsen, words by Alfred Starr Hamilton

11. Poem, by Colter Jacobsen

12. Postman John, in honor of John Prine, by Colter Jacobsen and the So Shall Distance Sing Project

13. Peom, by Colter Jacobsen

14. Skinthetic, by Melissa Eleftherion Carr

15. Hang Out and Breathe, by Alicia Bay Laural

16. Every Green Breathes, by Melissa Eleftherion Carr

17. Helter Shelter by Dan Roberts

Curated by Melissa Eleftherion Carr. Produced by Alicia Bales.

Theme music: "Dynamo" by BartolomeyBittman