Ukiah's Mercado Comunitario Features Traditional Arts, Food, & Entrepreneurship

Jul 8, 2019

July 8, 2019 — Ukiah has a new open air market where entrepreneurs can showcase their skills on the first Sunday of the summer months. On July 7, vendors, non-profits and political candidates chatted with visitors in the parking lot of the Grace Hudson elementary school, offering freshly made food, crafts, or information about various services.

Several local organizations were involved in bringing this event together, including Ukiah Vecinos en Accion (UVA), the ARC Family Resource Center,  West Business Development Center, the Economic Development and Financing Corporation, and Healthy Mendocino’s poverty action team. Vendors who took part in five business trainings before the event had their booth fees waived.

We’ll hear from Ukiah City Councilman Juan Orozco about UVA, which seeks to inform the Spanish-speaking community and realize the full potential of its members. Then we’ll take a stroll through the market and hear from some of the vendors and artists. We’ll wrap up with a few more details about the event from Holly Unluata, Program Manager at the ARC Family Resource Center.

Anyone who is interested in having a booth at the next market, which will be on August 4, can fill out a booth vendor application or contact ARC.