Tuesday January 12 The Ecology Hour with Tim Bray and Bob Spies 7pm

Jan 10, 2021

Tuesday January 12  The Ecology Hour with Tim Bray and Bob Spies  7pm

For millions of years, Barred Owls lived in the hardwood forests of eastern North America, while Spotted Owls lived in the conifer forests on the Pacific coast. In the 20th century, Barred Owls began expanding to the west, and today they are found throughout the original range of the Spotted Owl.  Dr. Jack Dumbacher, Curator of Ornithology and Mammalogy at the California Academy of Sciences, will tell the fascinating story of the Barred Owl invasion of West Coast forests, and the scientific, environmental, ethical and legal questions it raises. That's on The Ecology Hour with Bob Spies and Tim Bray, Tuesday evening at 7 PM here on KZYX.