Promise of Paradise Episode 42: Lori Rosenberg

Sep 20, 2019

This is Kate Magruder with Promise of Paradise, 

back to the land oral histories of Mendocino County.

Today we’ll be hearing from Lori Rosenberg of Ukiah.

Born in Baltimore in 1955, Lori spent most of her

childhood in Manhattan feeling like she never belonged.

She came to California when she was 19 

and quickly made her way quickly to Greenfield Ranch 

where she discovered her deep affinity for growing things

and a community that felt like home.

In 1985, Lori was hired as a cashier at the Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op

and has been there ever since, cycling through a range of leadership positions before finally settling into her role as General Manager.

During her decades at the Co-op, Lori has helped guide the business through challenges and changes, including a current expansion.  

All the while, reveling in the opportunity to witness new generations develop an appreciation for wholesome, healthy foods.