Promise of Paradise Episode 27: Lynn Meadows

May 16, 2019

Lynn Meadows moved to the intentional communty of Greenfield Ranch outside Ukiah, CA in 1972 with her husband, Bob Dress.  They have lived there ever since.  Lynn became part of the home birth movement that was sweeping the United States in the early 1970s.  She studied to be a lay midwife, and eventually participated in more than 600 births throughout the county.  She later became a Physician's Assistant and worked in the ER for twenty years.  Now her focus is on palliative care and helping folks in their last years of life.  

In this interview Lynn talks about her 25 years as a midwife in this sprawling county, and about the challenges and plain pure fun it has been to spend her adult life as part of the Greenfield Ranch community.