The New Normal Radio Hour Episode 1: May 20

May 20, 2020

The New Normal Radio Hour, a new Series about how our local rural economy can survive the global pandemic, Alternating Wednesday at 7pm on KZYX and Z

Hosted by Mary Anne Petrillo of West Business Development Center

The pandemic has forced us all to reassess and rethink our behaviors and our patterns of consumption. This in turn has our economy in a tailspin. What is normal? Where are we headed? And what adjustments do we need to make to thrive in this new business environment. Mary Anne Petrillo of West Business Development Center will host a 6-part series, that will air every other Wednesdays at 7pm this summer on KZYX, to look at how the new normal is impacting our economy with discussions on changes needed for our rural economy to survive.

Episode 1: May 20th at 7 pm

Guests: Ted Williams, Sup. District 5, Dan Gjerde Sup District 4, County of Mendocino

As the State of California moves into Stage 2 of business reopening, the County of Mendocino has sought engagement with the private sector to review and partner to create health protocols that will allow businesses to reopen in a reliable and respectful way.

Our guests will discuss the work of the County’s Ad Hoc committee and the tools they are developing to assist businesses in achieving compliance with reopening protocols and build consumer confidence that commerce can start again.