Mendocino Works looks at Benefit Corporations.

May 18, 2017

Mendocino Works: Mendocino’s Embrace of Benefit Corporations

17 May 2017 * 7-8 p.m., KZYX

In a world obsessed with profit, can businesses aspire to a high ethical standard? Should they even try? At least nine Mendocino companies are doing just that by getting certified as benefit corporations, joining a worldwide B Corp movement that’s helping firms do better in social and environmental terms while building sustainable profitability. On Mendocino Works, we interview B Corp pioneer Josh Prigge of Fetzer Vineyards, and Heather Paulsen, a Fort Bragg consultant who has led several local firms to B Corp certification.

Heather Paulsen, Sustainability Consultant, Heather Paulsen Consulting

Heather Paulsen Consulting specializes in certification of benefit corporations and helping organizations embody their mission while enhancing their social and environmental responsibility. Heather Paulsen Consulting provides leadership and technical assistance to teams as they face the challenges of organizational shift and culture change, technological innovation, and rapidly changing business environments. In 2016, Heather Paulsen Consulting was awarded with one of B Lab’s most prestigious awards, the Building the Movement Award. The other recipient was the Development Bank of Canada. Contact: Heather Paulsen Consulting (707) 397- 0567.

Josh Prigge, Director of Regenerative Development, Fetzer Vineyards

At Fetzer Vineyards, Josh Prigge guides the vision and execution of game-changing regenerative measures for one of the world’s leading sustainable wine companies. Attached is his bio. He was a speaker at the Paris Climate Talks, among other great venues, and Fetzer won B Lab's Rookie of the Year award in 2016.  

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