Mendocino Food Pantry waits to be found

Sep 13, 2019

Just a portion of the array of food being offered at the Mendocino Food Pantry this week. The pantry is open every Thursday from 3-5 pm.

The new Mendocino Food Pantry is located in Preston Hall, a facility of the Mendocino Presbyterian Church, and it's open for business on Thursdays, from 3-5 pm. The volunteer-run project welcomes participation from anyone with food scarcity issues, including families, seniors and the homeless. The food offerings come from the Fort Bragg Food Bank, which gathers supplies through the USDA, a CAL food grant and local businesses. In this report, KZYX talks with a client, volunteers and the pastor of the church -- all of whom wish more people knew about the food pantry and how to access it.