Listening to Photographs

Nov 4, 2019


Volker Sturzbecher thinks deeply about landscapes and the Milky Way.

  November 4, 2019 — The photographs at the Willits Center for the Arts were not lit by flashlights or candles on Saturday night. That wasn’t a sure thing on Wednesday afternoon, when curator Gary Martin was working to hang the show by sunshine and flashlight. KZYX took a tour of the gallery on opening night, when the place was full of lights and people and pictures by members of the Willits Photography Club. 

We’ll hear from a few of the artists about their explorations of reality and outer space, adventures climbing a volcano, and taking a really close look at things we thought we recognized.

“Capturing Light” will be on display through November 24.


Visitors are not invited to touch Paul Reiber's sculpture.