KZYX's New Schedule Goes Into Effect.

Aug 15, 2018

Click the link below to see a printable version of the new schedule

Why Is The KZYX Schedule Changing?

These changes to the schedule are part of a larger effort to engage our audience and serve our community. They will be followed up with various outreach to different groups of listeners seeking feedback about what you like and what is lacking. We will also be keeping an eye on listening patterns and pledge drive numbers and comments in reviewing these changes. We also plant to conduct listener and member surveys.

Just like KZYX itself, this is an evolving process. As changes go into effect we will listen to feedback and make adjustments as necessary, always with a view toward serving our core listenership, while at the same time reaching out to engage new communities, and expanding the scope of this rare and precious local resource.

There are a many types of KZYX listeners and your interests are not all the same. Some of you listen to everything all the time. Some of you prefer our music programs, and may not want to listen to talk shows. Maybe you are only interested in NPR news and other National programs. Some of you tune in just to hear our local public affairs shows.

We want our schedule to be as predictable and easy for you to follow as possible, whether you are a new or long-time listener. We want you to know when to tune in for the kinds of shows you want to hear. It should be easy for you to remember what time of day your favorite programs will be on. I want to be able to explain the KZYX broadcast schedule to anyone in 3 minutes.

We want lots of people to listen to KZYX. We particularly want people to be able to appreciate our fantastic local music and public affairs programs. When the schedule is easy to remember and similar shows are grouped together, more people will listen to KZYX and listen for longer.

Radio is a very personal medium. Each of you has a personal relationship with our station and our schedule. We acknowledge that and know how important it is. Changing the schedule of a radio station is extremely challenging.  You may feel frustrated that your established listening routine is being disrupted. But our media landscape is changing. More of what people are looking for is easily available from a variety of sources - the internet, social media, television, radio, and print, and there are countless music and video streaming services and podcasts available through smartphones and in cars. Like it or not, it’s the world we live in. In order to evolve and remain a vital community resource, we need to highlight what is unique and diverse about this community, and we need to make sure this resource stays easily available and relevant to our listeners.

In this region, there are many people who are still getting media the same way they did 20 years ago. The challenge we face is finding a balance between those listeners for whom KZYX is a primary media outlet, and those who are more plugged in. My response to this challenge is not to change our programming, but to change the schedule to make it as user-friendly as possible.

An important point to remember is that these are scheduling changes not program changes:

  • No programming has been changed or removed. The amount of National Syndicated Programming, local programming, and music programming is exactly the same.
  •  The schedule has been rearranged to group similar shows at similar times intended to reach the audiences they serve.
  • 11am-3pm is all local music and public affairs programming plus Democracy Now at noon. (following our local public affairs)
  • The majority of shows will remain on the same day, airing within two hours of their current timeslot. This is intended to minimize disruption to listeners and programmers.

Thanks for being part of this great radio station!