Kids and Covid-19: Mendo Coronavirus Update 3-25

Mar 25, 2020

March 25, 2020--Ukiah ER physician Dr. Drew Colfax and MCHC Pediatrician Dr. Casey Johnston updated KZYX listeners on the latest local news regarding the coronavirus and Mendocino County's response. The phone lines were open for listener questions.

Dr. Johnson gave essential information on COVID-19 and children, and how parents can best care for sick kids in the midst of the pandemic. Most importantly, parents should call their doctors and describe the child's symptoms before coming to clinic, since mild illnesses may be able to be managed from home. If they need to be seen by the pediatrician, there may be alternatives like waiting in the car rather than the waiting room, so that children aren't exposed to cornoavirus. 

She advised ways for parents help their children through the stress of sheltering in place and school closures: 

1. Minimize media and discussion about coronavirus in front of children. Address their questions and talk with them about the pandemic, but don't let them be inundated with around the clock news coverage.

2. Spend one-on-one time with kids.

3. Maintain some sort of structure or daily routine with a regular sleep schedule, daily exercise, and meals.