*HALLOWEEN SPECIAL* Paranormal Observations

Oct 31, 2018

This is the halloween special edition of Paranormal Observations with your host and arch boonvillian Matthew Gammett!

In this episode many spoooky things happen! Ha ha ha ha Trick or treak? Ex sentate majority leader Harry Reid Has an awesome treat for you! KLAS out of las vegas has an exclusive interview with Senator Harry Reid to discuss his involvment in an ongoing and secretive program to research UFO's In the pentagon funded AATIP Program. It goes beyond even reaching into private industry with aerospace moguls like Bigelow aerospace. Also included are many spooky tidbits sprinkled all throughout the episode. In this show we find out that the live caller from last week had predicted a new kind of fuel that is made of diamonds only to find later in the week that Phys.org had posted a new research paper on their front page about nano diamonds being used as a catalyst in a photo-synthetic fuel production process. There is too much more to post here so please enjoy and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! MWA HA HA HA HA 


Note: if you want the latest that's happening In the Paranormal Observations universe you can check out our new Instagram.com/paranormal_mendocino page. Check out the recent posts about the Fast radio bursts! Repeating fast radio bursts are baffling the astronomical community. The anomalous repeater started in 2012 and if you look at the most recent observations made they were mistaken about the precise locations of these bursts and they are closer to home than originally thought...they are having trouble finding the exact emission source. Hmmmmmmm Carl sagan and Jodie Foster where are you now????????

And this is what a fast radio burst looks like?