Growing Rapidly, Non-Profit Mendo Lake Food Hub Reorganizes As Growers' Cooperative

May 30, 2018

The fast-growing Mendo Lake Food Hub, launched as a non-profit startup with support from North Coast Opportunities, is rapidly changing the way fresh produce is delivered in Mendocino and Lake counties -- and finding new markets in Sonoma county and further south.

Food Hub program manager Caroline Radice, who first introduced the innovative food distribution system on Mendocino Works on 12 July 2017, returned on April 18 with Mendocino Coast farmer Gowan Batist of Fortunate Farms to share an update about the Food Hub's growth, its impact on the availability of local fresh and organic produce in our community, and plans to transform the Food Hub from a non-profit into a for-profit Grower Cooperative for Mendocino County and to join a state-wide local food distribution network.

Click the link above to hear the hourlong interview about their shared journey to build a vibrant, diverse new food system where small farms thrive and the freshest local produce is easily accessible to restaurants, groceries and customers.

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